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Toilet Paper Machine

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The 1575 toilet paper machine produced by Lontto machinery is equipped with PLC control, frequency control, so the toilet papers produced by the machine are of good quality, large density and high performance. The machine is the smallest toilet paper machine we manufactured. Contact us for your machine price now!

1760 toilet paper roll making machine is a small automatic type, and also you can call it small toilet paper making machine. The machine is easy operation, and easy to maintenance. With the best quality, design and the absolutely competitive price.

Lontto 1880 toilet paper making machine is multi-function, can produce core toilet paper, coreless toilet paper, solid toilet paper. And Lontto 1880 toilet paper machine is a best-selling type, the finished product is high density and strength. And it is automatic, just controlled by PLC control system, can save labor and improve efficiency,more important, the 1880 toilet paper making machine price is competitive,need  lower investment,it is suitable for most people who want to start a toilet paper processing project. Contact us and get your toile machine price Today.

With the best quality, design and absolutely competitive price, Our 3000 toilet paper machine adopts famous brand electrical parts, such as Schneider to ensure the good quality of the machine. If you want to join the toilet paper processing industry, please contact us for the best toilet paper manufacturing machine price.

Lontto 3500 Toilet paper roll making machine is full-automatic machine, which is can be composed into toilet paper production line, just equipped with automatic toilet paper slitting machine, automatic toilet paper flattening packaging machine. It is controlled by PLC system, which can save labor. If you need to choose automatic toilet paper production line, and also need high capacity of toilet papers, so you should choose 3500 toilet paper making machine ,it can perfectly meet your requirement.

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workshop of toilet Paper making machine
toilet paper making machine


Toilet Paper Machine for Sale

Toilet paper making machine is specialized for making toilet paper. Someone named it toilet tissue making machine or toilet paper manufacturing machine. And you can also call it toilet roll making machine. Contact us to get your toilet machine price today.

We have the small toilet machine and automatic toilet paper making machine for sale.

The toilet paper making machine is used to process large shaft paper into toilet paper used in daily life. The toilet paper rewinding machine performs automatic feeding, rewinding, punching, trimming, and rewinding into a long strip of rolls, and cutting into a suitable size with a band saw. Then seal the bag by a water-cooled sealing machine after manual bagging. After the above steps, you can get the toilet paper that we bought on the market.

Matching equipment: band saw paper cutter, water-cooled sealing machine

Need labor: Two or three labors can complete the entire operation.

Site required: Equipment production covers an area of 50 square meters, and the storage of raw materials and finished paper is at least 100 square meters.

Raw materials: large shaft paper (bar paper).

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Toilet Paper Making Machine

Recently, with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards around the world, people’s demand for sanitary conditions is increasing. More and more countries and regions are beginning to use sanitary toilet paper, which has led to the rapid development of toilet paper machine.

Lontto machinery have various types of toilet paper making machine for sale, and export hundreds of toilet paper manufacturing machines to Europe, America, Africa and other countries and regions every year.

Many customers purchased the used second hand third toilet paper machine in a short period of time after purchasing the first toilet paper manufacturing machine, and the scale is gradually expanded. This can also reflect the quality and reputation of the toilet paper machines manufactured by our company.

The huge prospect of the toilet paper market is worth investing in. If you want to purchase toilet paper machine for sale or for your own use, Lontto machinery will be your best choice.

Product Superiority:

Advanced technology: The toilet paper making machine adopt advanced PLC program wind column forming new technology to achieve the effect of no need for paper core and steel pipe rewinding, so that the whole machine can be comprehensively upgraded in the market for many years, making all operations more convenient and fast, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Reduce the loss: The automatic trimming, glue spraying and sealing are completed at the same time. This device replaces the traditional waterline trimming, realizes the popular trimming and sticking technology abroad, reduces the loss of the paper tail during the production of the common rewinder, thus reducing the product cost.

Independent operation: Stepless adjustment, each function can be operated independently; in the rewinding process, the finished product can be tightened first and then loosened, with multi-level different tightness, so as to solve the problem that the finished product is loose due to long-term storage of paper core.

Time saving and labor saving: Pneumatic adjustment of the finished product reeling tightness to keep the diameter of the finished product consistent, and the tightness can be adjusted at will; manual pipe laying saves time and labor, and the unique pipe laying device saves the storage area and space for the user; after the rewinding is completed, the rewinding is reset immediately.

Easy to operate: Three-layer horizontal paper returning frame, pneumatic wide belt paper feeding, each group of base paper frame has independent tension adjustment device; point-to-point embossing is adopted, with clear and beautiful pattern and light weight, and steel to steel embossing can be configured according to the user’s demand; front and back inching switches are used to pull the base paper, so the operation is simple, safe and practical.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter
Jumbo Roll Width(mm)157517601880280030003500
Finished Roll Diameter(mm)Φ50-180mm (Adjustable Width)
Finished Roll Core(mm)Φ30-55mm
Peroration Pitch(mm)two-edged,150-300mm; three-edged,80-220mm
Perforating methodPneumatic Separation
EmbossingSingle Embossing,Double-sided embossing,Steel to Steel embossing
Bottom Embossing RollerWool Roller,Rubber Roller
Blank HolderSteel to Steel
Light PressureSteel to Steel,Steel to Plastic
Processing Capacity150-280 M/Minute
Operation PanelSpecialized operation system, touch screen displays in English.
Parameter SettingTouch Multi Screen Man-Machine Interface Operating System
Paper Unwind Stand1-4 layer(Please specify the number of layers)
Pneumatic System3HP Air Compressor,minimum pressure 5Kg/cm2Pa(customer  owned)
PowerStepless Variable Speed 5.5Kw-15Kw
Can Produce Coreless Roll PaperYes
Estimated daily output(t)4-10t


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