Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

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Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

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Handkerchief Paper Mediumbag Packing Machine

The handkerchief medium bag packing machine produced by our factory is welcomed by customers. The finished product is square, beautiful, and the price is relatively cheap compared to the same product and quality. 

This machine is suitable for the middle packing of standard paper handkerchiefs and mini paper handkerchiefs, as well as the outer packaging of products with flat and regular objects.

Pocket Tissue Paper Single Package Packing Machine

This pocket tissue paper single package packing machine adopts advanced PLC computer program control, man-machine interface operation, stepless variable frequency speed regulation, stable performance, high degree of automation, simple operation, paper feeding, edge banding, corner curling, sealing, paper discharging, labeling, and simultaneous operation. 

One-stop solution for packaging saves production costs and improves production efficiency. It is suitable for plastic film packaging of standard pocket tissue paper , mini paper handkerchiefs and flat square objects.

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The handkerchief paper packing machine produced by Lontto is your best choice.
Handkerchief paper single package packing machine
Full automatic toilet paper squashing and bagging machine


Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

The handkerchief paper packaging machine produced by Lontto includes handkerchief paper single bag packaging machine and handkerchief paper middle bag packaging machine. 

The handkerchief paper packaging machine uses vacuum adsorption folding molding, which is embossed, cut and automatically folded into a small and portable handkerchief paper.

The machine runs smoothly, fast, and neatly folded. The handkerchief paper length is adjustable in a range of 68mm ~ 110mm, and various patterns can be customized according to customer requirements.

Choose us for your handkerchief Paper Machines, and also we can supply you toilet tissue machines, and napkin making machines

If you have this need, please contact our company quickly to get the details and price of the machine!

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Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

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