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Napkin Printing Machine

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Lontto ordinary digital napkin printing machine can produce square napkin and wallet paper, N-type, M-shaped napkin (any width adjustable). First fold vertically, then fold horizontally forming, embossing pattern can be customized according to customer needs (can add words or logo or picture). Contact for your napkin printing machine price now.

Lontto digital color napkin printing machine is a multi-functional napkin machine. In addition to embossing, folding and automatic counting, printing functions are added. It can print exquisite patterns, company logo on napkins, making the produced napkins more beautiful and competitive in the market. 

Lontto digital high-speed napkin printing machine can produce paper napkin up to 800 napkins per minute, and the napkins produced are of high quality and beautifully folded. Please contact us for your price!

Lontto high-speed napkin printing machine (fork) is a kind of napkin machine which is used to emboss, fold and divide the cut paper into square or rectangular napkins. The application of the shift fork enables the napkin machine to switch quickly according to the production plan Contact us for video and price of the napkin printing machine.

LONTTO Paper Napkin Machine Factory in China.

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Napkin Printing Machine
Napkin Printing Machine


Tissue Paper Napkin Printing Machine

Paper napkin printing making machine, also known as napkin manufacturing machine, napkin folding machine, and serviette making machine, can process giant rolls into square or rectangular napkins.

The role of napkins in life is becoming more and more important, napkins using is everywhere. As a result, more and more people are investing or planning to invest in the creation of paper napkin machine, which have huge market capacity and profit margins.

Lontto is a top-of-the-line paper napkin printing machine manufacturer with customers in many countries around the world. The name is well known in the field of napkin printing manufacturing machine. Lontto can provide you with a wide range of models, paper napkin machines of all sizes and complete production lines, and sell them at very competitive price to meet your every need.

We manufacture not only paper napkin machine, but also toilet paper making machine, tissue paper machines. Contact us for the best price now.

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Napkin Printing Machine

The entire paper napkin printing machines produced by lontto company is produced in strict accordance with the industry specifications and guidelines. Therefore, the quality of all products is highly standardized.

All parts in napkin printing machine are made of high-quality raw materials and the most advanced manufacturing technology. The electrical components used in the paper napkin printing machine are made of internationally famous brands, such as Siemens, Schneider, Emerson, etc. under such conditions; napkin manufacturing machine has perfect precision, strength, function and service life. In addition, all products have reasonable price, so the product has a very high cost performance.

Lontto paper napkin printing machine sets an embossing function (patterns can be customized), printing functions (print your company logo or other logos), counting function, folding function, cutting function and integrated into one multi-function automatic paper napkin machine. If you want to buy a machine to sell or buy a machine to make a napkin, please contact us quickly.

Advantage of LONTTO Napkin printing machine
LONTTO paper napkin manufacturing machine is of high efficiency, easy to operate, long service lifespan, easy to maintain and repair, etc. Most of all, LONTTO paper napkin making machine price is way more attractive with this level of quality.

Technical Parameter

Processing Type:napkin making machine
Finished Size180mm*180mm-460mm*460mm
Paper Size≤Φ1300mm
Original Core inner Diameter75mm Standard(Other Size are available)
Embossed bottom rollerCots,wool roller,Steel to Steel
Counting SystemElectronic Counting
Heated rod220V
Optional items(need to order)Automatic paper leading,Synchronous conveying and printing
Use of PowerFrequency control,Electromagnetic speed regulation


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