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Napkin Packing Machine

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Paper napkin packing machine is a machine that packs multiple napkins into bags. After packaging, napkins are more suitable for carrying and convenient to use. Contact us for the detail and videos, price.

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paper napkin packing machine
paper napkin packing machine


Napkin Packing Machine

Paper napkin packaging machine is a kind of packaging machine for napkins, facial tissues, sanitary napkins and other paper. It has the advantages of high efficiency, simple operation, wide application range, fast size change, convenient maintenance, and low maintenance cost.

This machine uses variable frequency drive to control the feeding of paper napkin. Use a large touch screen for operation. In addition, the machine has a memory function that can remember the technical parameters of the product and further improve the packaging efficiency. In addition, this machine will also incorporate servo control, fault self-test, high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, temperature independent PID control and other functions. It is an ideal napkin packaging equipment. If you have tissue paper making machine, you need to equip with sanitary napkin packing machine for your business.

Lontto’s values are: win-win cooperation. Through communication with customers, we truly understand customer needs, provide them with more efficient and stable equipment, and provide timely and professional services, so that our equipment can create greater value for customers, in order to win customer recognition and our own development opportunities. Welcome global paper processing industry partners and customers who want to carry out paper processing projects to contact us. We promise to provide you with stable, efficient and advanced automated napkin paper machines, napkin packaging machines and other paper industry post processing equipment and solutions.

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Napkin Packing Machine

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