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Paper Core Making Machine

A Paper Core Making Machine is an industrial device used to manufacture sturdy cardboard tubes, known as paper cores, used widely in fabric and paper industries, packaging, and retail products. The machine efficiently creates cores of various sizes at high-speed, ensuring a constant supply for diverse applications.
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The Single Blade Paper Tube Machine produced by Lontto machinery is equipped with PLC control, frequency control, so the toilet papers produced by the machine are of good quality, large density and high performance. The machine is the smallest toilet paper machine we manufactured. Contact us for your machine price now!

Multi-blade paper tube machine is a small automatic type, and also you can call it small toilet paper making machine. The machine is easy operation, and easy to maintenance. With the best quality, design and the absolutely competitive price.

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Multi-blade paper tube machine


Paper Core Making Machine for sale

A Paper Core Making Machine is a piece of industrial equipment used in the manufacture of paper cores. Paper cores are sturdy cardboard tubes or cylinders that are used in various applications, including in the fabric and paper industries for winding materials, in shipping for packaging, and in retail for products like paper towels and toilet paper.

The machine works by cutting and re-winding paper into layered, cylindrical cores. It can typically be adjusted for different core diameters, lengths, and thicknesses. This machinery is built for efficiency and high-speed production, ensuring a steady supply of paper cores for various applications.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the specifics of these machines can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and model, including features, production capacity, power requirements, and more.

Product Features:

1. The main body is made of thick steel plate that has been cut by CNC and welded, with a stable frame that is not easily deformed and minimal vibration.

2. The main transmission uses all-oil bath chain drive with hardened tooth surfaces, producing low noise, low heat, high speed, and high torque.

3. The main motor uses a vector-type high-torque frequency converter for speed regulation.

4. The CNC synchronous tracking system follows the cutting table, driven by precision ball screws and high-performance servo motors.

5. Equipped with pulse length control, with feedforward compensation function, ensuring consistent cutting length at different machine speeds.

6. Controlled by imported PLC CNC system, increasing overall efficiency.

7. Equipped with a new type of control panel and large color touch screen human-machine interface.

8. The integrated linkage device for the paper supply rack, glue coating rack, and guide device improves efficiency by 60%.

9. The modular electrical layout design makes it easier and more scientifically convenient to use, maintain, and repair.

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Paper Core Making Machine

Recently, with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards around the world, people’s demand for sanitary conditions is increasing. More and more countries and regions are beginning to use sanitary toilet paper, which has led to the rapid development of toilet paper machine.

Lontto machinery have various types of toilet paper making machine for sale, and export hundreds of toilet paper manufacturing machines to Europe, America, Africa and other countries and regions every year.

Many customers purchased the used second hand third toilet paper machine in a short period of time after purchasing the first toilet paper manufacturing machine, and the scale is gradually expanded. This can also reflect the quality and reputation of the toilet paper machines manufactured by our company.

The huge prospect of the toilet paper market is worth investing in. If you want to purchase toilet paper machine for sale or for your own use, Lontto machinery will be your best choice.

Product Superiority:

High degree of automation: The paper core making machine can automatically complete multiple steps such as slitting, unwinding, gluing, and winding, reducing the labor required and the tediousness of operation.

High production efficiency: As the paper core making machine can continuously produce multiple paper cores, it can improve production efficiency and speed.

Strong flexibility: The paper core making machine can adjust the size and length of paper cores flexibly according to production needs, to meet the requirements of different industries.

High reliability: The paper core making machine adopts high-quality mechanical and electronic components, ensuring stable operation for a long time and reducing the frequency of maintenance and repair.


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