Toilet Paper Packing Machine

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Toilet Paper Packing Machine

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Automatic multi row tissue roll paper packing machine is a machine used to pack multi-layer toilet roll paper. It has the characteristics and advantages of high output, good quality, high cost performance and so on. It can be connected with rotary paper cutter and full-automatic toilet paper machine to become a full-automatic production line, greatly improving the production capacity of toilet paper.

This full automatic toilet paper squashing and bagging machine is a packaging machine that packs single rolls of toilet paper, used for packaging and sealing of toilet paper. After manual bagging, it can automatically flatten, pack, seal and blow waste. Contact us for the price today.

Semi-automatic tissue paper roll packing machine adopts motion controller and servo motor control. Contact us to get the demo videos and special price!

This machine is a very popular toilet paper packaging machine. Although it does not reach fully automated production, it can also provide great convenience for the packaging of toilet paper. In addition, the price advantage is also one of the reasons for its popularity. 

In short, it is a very cost-effective toilet roll paper packaging machine used in tissue paper making machine.

The toilet paper roll pneumatic water-cooling sealing machine is used together with toilet paper rewinding machine and facial tissue machine.It is cheap and effective.

Toilet paper single roll packing machine is a machine that packs a single roll of toilet paper. The outer packaging of each roll of toilet paper can be individually designed, and a company logo or other exquisite patterns can be added to make the product look more high-end, higher-grade, and can be sold Compare higher prices and get more profit.

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Toilet paper single roll packing machine


Toilet Paper Packing Machine

Lontto toilet paper packaging machine is designed to pack the roll paper produced by the toilet paper making machine to meet its product attributes. Using the packaging machine to replace traditional manual packaging can not only improve production efficiency, but also further improve the value of toilet paper enables investors to obtain higher economic returns
Lontto’s toilet paper packing machines include automatic roll paper flattening bagging machines, fully automatic round roll multi-row packaging machines, semi-automatic roll paper flattening bag sealing machines, semi-automatic double-row roll paper bagging machines, and toilet paper single roll packing machines,etc. 

In addition to these, we can also customize according to customer needs, which can meet the packaging needs of various types, various output and various specifications.
The toilet paper packaging machine produced by Lontto includes automatic paper loading, automatic flattening (if necessary), automatic palletizing, returning paper into the bag, side ironing and other links. 

The entire process is controlled by PLC and adopts a human-machine interface for easy operation and precise control. The whole machine has a reasonable structure, stable performance, and safety reliability. The packaging effect is very good, the appearance is beautiful, and the sealing is good. In addition, the ink roller coding machine is provided, and the production date and batch number are automatically printed.
Lontto has been committed to the R & D and production of equipment required in all aspects of the paper processing industry. It has provided high-quality, high-performance technologies and products to many paper companies worldwide. Lontto welcomes customers from all over the world to discuss cooperation and order machines. We will provide you with high-quality, cost-effective, low-price products and perfect after-sales service, so that you can buy once and have no worries for life.

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Toilet Paper Packing Machine

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