Handkerchief Paper Making Machine

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Handkerchief Paper Making Machine

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Handkerchief Paper Making Machine for Sale

The handkerchief paper making machine is a fully automatic machine to produce handkerchief paper,it runs smoothly, fast, and neatly folded, can be customized according to the customer’s requirement.dv

Handkerchief Paper Making Machine

Handkerchief Paper Manufacturing Machine

Lontto Handkerchief paper manufacturing machine has sturdy materials, advanced technology and absolutely competitive price to build a machine with excellent performance and durability for customers.

Pocket Tissue Making Machine

Pocket Tissue Making Machine

The pocket tissue machine produced by Lontto machinery is a machine for producing pocket tissues through fine embossing, color printing, and folding (folding first vertically, then horizontally). This newly designed machine uses new technology. It adopts vacuum suction folding system to make production fast and efficient. It can be equipped with a color printing device to make pocket paper with a beautiful appearance. For the client, it is the best option to start his pocket tissue business.

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We have many types of handkerchief paper making machine for sale


Handkerchief Paper Machine

Handkerchief paper making machine, also known as handkerchief tissue machine,pocket tissue making machine, which is a product developed by our company using international advanced technology. It has advanced design, smart design, complete functions, outstanding quality, convenient operation and high efficiency.

In today’s daily life, handkerchief paper is gradually replacing traditional handkerchiefs as a new type of cleaning paper. Handkerchief paper is generally used to clean the hands and face.

 Handkerchief paper brings great convenience to our lives. Because of its small size and easy to carry, and because it can absorb water and remove dirt, it has become a daily necessities for every household and is loved by the majority of young people.

There are many models of handkerchief paper machines produced by our company, which are enough to produce all kinds of handkerchief paper.

If you want to buy the toilet paper machines and tissue machines you can also contact us. Your reliable supplier in China. 

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Handchief Paper Machine

Product Description

Handkerchief paper machine is also called pocket tissue making machine or wallet tissue making machine, which is a kind of machine that makes handkerchief paper by embossing, longitudinal folding, cutting, and horizontal folding.

Our handkerchief paper machine adopts vacuum adsorption folding molding, which runs smoothly, neatly folded, and fast. The handkerchief produced is beautiful in appearance, suitable for mechanized and automated packaging, convenient for modern management, saving manpower, and improving efficiency.

This production line of pocket tissue manufacturing machine adopts all-digital centralized control, accurate positioning and high degree of automation.
The handkerchief paper machine can add color printing functions according to requirements, and can print company logos, exquisite patterns, etc., improve product market competitiveness and increase economic returns.

Product packaging is tight and precise. It realizes continuous automatic packaging without stopping, and realizes stable production and high production efficiency. Packaging machine can be equipped with label sticker and date printer

The size of the paper can be made according to customer needs. The length of handkerchief paper can be adjusted in various specifications within the range of 68mm ~ 110mm, so as to flexibly match the market demand.

Lontto is a professional manufacturer and supplier of handkerchief paper machines. If you are interested in purchasing a high-quality, cost-effective handkerchief paper making machine, we are your first choice.

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