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Tissue Paper Making Machine

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The 1575 tissue paper machine is a small scale toilet paper making machinethe price of 1575 toilet tissue paper machine is the lowest. Suitable for small-scale investors, ideal for personal and home production. Contact Us Today and We send you latest price now.

1760 tissue toilet paper machine can process raw paper with a width of less than 2 meters. It is based on the new PLC computer programming technology to achieve fully automated production. In addition, 1760 tissue machine also has fast rewinding speed, beautiful molding, low cost and other advantages, the machine is a very good choice for small and medium investors. Get your tissue paper making machine price today.

The 1880 tissue paper making machine is a multifunctional semi-automatic tissue paper machine. It is currently the most popular machine, which is based on the current customer demand card method. We give you the tissue making machine prices now, Contact us.

 The 3000 tissue paper machine is a large-scale automatic multi-function tissue paper machine. It is suitable for medium-sized investors with high demand for output and automatic degree. Contact us, Lontto send you tissue paper machine cost today.

3500 high-speed full-automatic tissue paper machine is a large-scale tissue paper production equipment. It is capable of processing base paper with a width of less than 3.5 meters. Contact us for you tissue machine price now.

Tissue Paper Making Machine Factory, Located in China.

Many Types of Tissue Making Machine for Sale. We welcome you to visit us, to see how the tissue paper machine making.
tissue paper making machine
tissue paper making machine
tissue paper manufacturing machine


Tissue Paper Making Machine for Sale

Tissue paper is a kind of life paper which consumes a lot and has a huge market capacity. Compared to other large tissue equipment, the price of tissue paper making machine is relatively low. Therefore, tissue paper machine has a very high investment value. 

Contact us, Let us support your toilet paper production business.

The production process of tissue paper making machine include: Base paper, embossing, punching, paper cutting, adhesive spraying, edge sealing, slitting and packaging. The tissue paper making machine, tissue paper printing machine, tissue paper cutting machine, tissue paper packing machine can be connected into a complete automatic production line, from the base paper feeding to the final product to realize complete automation, not only to ensure the continuity of product quality, but also to reduce tissue paper manufacturing machine cost, personnel costs, and achieve higher profits and benefits.

If you plan to launch a toilet tissue paper manufacturing project and want to know the tissue paper machine cost, Contact us today, We give you the best price for your tissue making machine.

Lontto has many types of tissue paper making machine for sale, including mini tissue paper making machine, small scale tissue paper making machine, automatic tissue paper making machine, fully automatic tissue paper making machine, can meet the needs of various customers, Lontto looks forward to cooperating with you .

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Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue paper making machine is a kind of machine to make tissue paper, You can also call them toilet paper making machine. It is used to rewind the large-scale paper roll (called base paper roll) in turn to form long roll paper, and then through slitting and packaging, the base paper will eventually become the tissue paper.

At the same time, in the process of tissue paper making machine, including rewinding, embossing, punching and other functions are added, resulting in high quality, beautiful appearance and convenient use of the finished product.

As a top tissue paper making machine manufacturer, we can provide various types of tissue paper machines. From the scale of the tissue paper machine, there are large, medium and small scale tissue paper machine. From the degree of automation, we have semi-automatic tissue paper making machine, fully automatic tissue paper making machine.

From the final product, our tissue paper making machine can produce core roll tissue paper, coreless roll tissue paper, and coreless solid roll tissue paper. We can also make patterns and lines on the tissue paper according to customers’ needs.

Lontto tissue paper making machine adopts PLC computer programming technology, human-machine interface operation, automatic glue spraying, frequency control, edge sealing and trimming. The application of these technologies greatly improves product quality and productivity

Lontto tissue paper making machine have the following advantages:

1. Equipped with processing coreless, solid, roll tube tissue paper, instant switching between products can be completed.

2. Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing and shaft pulling are completed simultaneously, so that there is no paper loss when the roll is turned into band saw for cutting and packaging.

3. Pneumatic belt paper feeding, rewinding shaft and base paper of each shaft have independent tension adjustment mechanism.



 Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter








Jumbo Roll Widthmm







Finished Roll Diametermm

Φ50-180mm Adjustable Width

Finished Roll Coremm


Peroration Pitchmm

two-edged,150-300mm three-edged80-220mm

Perforating method

Pneumatic Separation


Single EmbossingDouble-sided embossingSteel to Steel embossing

Bottom Embossing Roller

Wool RollerRubber Roller

Blank Holder

Steel to Steel


Steel to SteelSteel to Plastic

Processing Capacity

150-280 M/Minute

Operation Panel

Specialized operation system, touch screen displays in English.

Parameter Setting

Touch Multi Screen Man-Machine Interface Operating System

Paper Unwind Stand

1-4 layerPlease specify the number of layers

Pneumatic System

3HP Air Compressorminimum pressure 5Kg/cm2Pa(customer  owned)


Stepless Variable Speed 5.5Kw-15Kw





Can Produce Coreless Roll Paper


Estimated daily outputt


Component of tissue paper making machine

detail parts of tissue paper making machine

Base paper

Finished product

Packing & Shipping

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