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A4 Cutting Paper Machine

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The LT-A4-5 paper cutter produced by Lontto Machinery Company has the advantages of high precision, small footprint and high automation. This machine is the smallest A4 paper cutter we produce. Contact us now to get your machine price!
LT-A4-10 is a small automatic type, which can also be called a small A4 paper cutter. The machine is easy to operate and maintain. With the best quality, design and absolutely competitive price.
The LT-A4-20 paper cutter is a medium-sized A4 paper cutter, which is the best-selling model, and its finished products have high precision and high quality. And it is automatic, only need to control through the PLC control system to save labor and improve efficiency. More importantly, the price of the LT-A4-20 paper cutter is competitive and requires lower investment. It is suitable for most people. Started the A4 paper processing project. Please contact us to get your laptop price.

LONTTO A4 Paper Production Line  Factory, Located in China.

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A4 Cutting Paper Machine for Sale

A4 paper cutter is specially used to manufacture A4/A3 paper. Contact us immediately to get your A4 paper cutter price. We have sold small paper cutters and medium and large paper cutters. The A4 paper making machine is used to cut large-axis copy paper into office copy paper. The slitter will automatically feed the paper, slit, slice, count, and then use the packaging machine for packaging. After packaging, you can use the automatic boxing machine to pack or use manual packing. After completing the above steps, you can get the A4/A3 copy paper we bought on the market. Supporting equipment: automatic slitting machine, automatic bagging machine, automatic/manual boxing machine Labor required: Two or three labors can complete the entire operation. Required site: The equipment production covers an area of 50 square meters, and the storage area of raw materials and finished paper is at least 100 square meters.
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A4 Paper Cutting Machine

Longtu Machinery sells various types of toilet paper machines, A4 paper cutters, and annually exports hundreds of equipment to Europe, America, Africa and other countries and regions.

After purchasing the first A4 paper cutter, many customers bought two or three in a short period of time, and the scale gradually expanded. This can also reflect the quality and reputation of the A4 paper cutter produced by our company.

The huge prospects of the A4 paper market are worth investing in. If you want to buy A4 paper cutter, Lontto machinery will be your best choice.

Product advantages:

1. The floor space is small, the machine floor space is only 7mx7m.

2. Save labor costs, 3 people can meet production needs.

3. Fully automatic structure, cutting and packaging can be completed at one time, the speed can reach 300m/min, and the production is efficient.

4. The cutting precision reaches ±0.2mm, which meets the international standard.

5. The main electrical and mechanical parts and accessories adopt international high-end brands to meet the requirements of long-term stable operation of the whole machine.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter
Number of unwinding124555
Number of slits444456
Number of crosscuts224458
Maximum paper roll width (mm)84684684684610561266
Paper roll net width (mm)84084084084010501260
Paper roll diameter (mm)400-1400
Core diameter (mm)3” (76.2mm) or 6” (152.4mm)
Paper weight (g/sq)60-100
Cutting length (mm)297
Make the number of sheets (sheets)0-500
Maximum paper thickness (mm)65
Maximum design speed (m/min)300
Actual cutting speed (m/min)180-220180-220180-220200-260200-260200-260
Actual cutting frequency220-250220-250220-250220-250230-280230-280
Actual cutting speed (m/min)180-220180-220180-220200-260200-260200-260
Actual paper discharge speed (times/min)3-4 (6-8 packs/min)5-6 (10-12 packs/min)5-6 (20-25 packs/min)5-7 (25-30 Package/minute)6-7 (28-35 package/minute)6-8 (35-40 package/minute)
Paper cutting load (g/sq.)400
Cutting accuracy (mm)±0.2
Paper roll requirements1. Stable speed 2. No break in the paper roll 3. Qualified quality
DriveAC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation
Main power380v/50Hz 3-phase 4-wire
Control power220V AC/22V DC
Installed capacity (KW)181928.529.53540
Compressed air consumption (NL/min)300
Compressed air pressure (bar)0.6-0.8
Equipment size of slitting machine (m)6×7×1.86×9×1.816.5×2.75×2.118.5×2.75×2.120×2.96×2.120×2.96×2.1
Machine weight (tons)101222252732
Packaging machine unit
Packing speed (bags/minute)6-810-1220-2525-3028-3535-40
Package size (mm)(according to the height of 500 sheets of A4 copy paper) 210×297×50
Power supply380v/50Hz 3-phase 4-wire
Motor power (KW)6.5
Glue sprayer power (KW)
Compressed air pressure (mpa)0.6-0.8
Outer paper size (mm)550-560×386
Packing machine equipment size (m)3.4×3.3×1.63.4×3.3×1.64.5×3.0×1.54.5×3.0×1.54.5×3.0×1.54.5×3.0×1.5
Machine weight (T)222222

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