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Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine

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The 1575 tissue Paper manufacturing machine is very easy in operating, and the steel are international standards and are extremely durable, is the ideal equipment for small tissue paper factories or personal investment. Contact us for your machine price now!

LONTTO 1760 tissue paper manufacturing machine is a semi-automatic type, its working mode is that the base paper is loaded through a pneumatic paper loading frame, embossed, and punched, and then rerolled. After the rewinding is completed, it is trimmed, sprayed, and sealed to form a long paper roll. Contact and get the tissue paper manufacturing machine price now.

Lontto 1880 tissue paper manufacturing machine is high efficiency, the core tissue paper, coreless tissue paper, solid tissue paper all can be produced. The 880 tissue paper making machine is automatic type. Besides,the tissue paper manufacturing machine price is reasonable.  For more details, contact us and get the best price and machine video.

3000 tissue paper manufacturing machine is one leading supplier in China. Guaranteeing stable and timely supply, credible quality and sincere service, our products sell well in both domestic and overseas marketsand to fulfill strictly ISO 9001-2008 and CE standard. Lontto 3000 tissue paper manufacturing machine has been sold in South Africa and Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Uzbekistan, India, Mexico and other countries. 

3500 tissue paper manufacturing machine is equipped with PLC control systemthe base paper with a width of less than 3.5 meters can meet the production needs, which is in line with the development trend of the paper market today. So if you need the high capacity and full automatic tissue paper manufacturing machine, the 3500 type is the best choice for you.

LONTTO Toilet Tissue Paper machine Factory in China.

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tissue paper manufacturing machine
tissue paper manufacturing machine
tissue paper manufacturing machine


Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine

If someone mentions a manufacturer of tissue paper manufacturing machine in northern China,  Lontto must be one of the first-tier suppliers.

 Lontto paper products machinery equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990. It is the earliest and largest professional manufacturer of tissue paper making machine in North China.

The company has strong technical force, advanced production and tissue paper manufacturing technology and perfect after-sales service system. Its products are exported to Europe, Asia, America, Africa and other countries in the world ,All the products are with high quality and competitive prices .So Lontto has won praise from customers all over the world. Our tissue paper manufacturing machine has passed ISO9001-2008 international quality management system.

The company’s products include tissue paper manufacturing machine, toilet paper machinetoilet roll making machinenapkin paper making machine, cutting machine, tissue paper printing machine,Toilet paper packing machine and etc. Each product is the result of decades of technology accumulation and continuous optimization and improvement. Each machine can meet the needs of customers perfectly.

The company has top technology R & D team, production team, sales and after-sales service team, providing freight, installation, training, production and sales guidance and other services, mutual benefit and win-win with customers, and common progress.

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Toilet Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine

Product Introduction

The tissue paper manufacturing machine produced by our company adopts PLC wind column forming technology, which makes the rewinding speed faster, the rewinding effect is better, and the product is more beautiful.

The tissue paper manufacturing machine is also tissue paper production machine. and the machine is same to toilet paper manufacturing machine

The man-machine operation touch screen makes the rewinding operation more convenient, and has a fault detection function, which can quickly identify the faulty part and make maintenance more convenient.

In addition, the tissue paper manufacturing machine also has a variety of functional advantages and advanced technology to meet your different production needs. The company also has experienced, technically strong after-sales service team to ensure that you buy once, lifelong benefit.

Product advantage

1. The Tissue paper making machine Adopts new PLC computer programming technology (system upgradeable), frequency control, automatic electronic brake.

2. The operation interface of tissue manufacturing machine adopts human-machine touch screen (the operating language can be customized), the operation is more convenient, and it can meet the needs of customers to produce as soon as possible and gain income as early as possible.

3. The new coreless rewinding system of tissue paper manufacturing machine can produce core roll paper, coreless roll paper and solid roll paper, which can meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, the application of PLC wind column forming technology is faster. The rewinding makes the re-wrapped Tissue paper more beautiful and more marketable.

4. After the completion of one rewind, immediately reset and start another round of rewinding, automatic trimming, glue, sealing, instead of the traditional line trimming, to achieve a new trim margin.

5. The Tissue paper manufacturing machine uses advanced sealing technology, the product leaves 10mm-20mm tail paper, easy to open, making the product more humane. At the same time, the loss is reduced and the cost is saved.

6. Tightening and loosening during the winding process not only ensures the fluffiness of the paper roll, but also solves the phenomenon that the paper core falls off due to long-term storage.

7 During the rewinding process, the base paper is monitored. Once the original paper is found to be inconsistent with the rewinding requirements, the operation is stopped immediately, thereby reducing paper loss and ensuring the continuity of product quality,the tissue paper manufacturing machine can also have a long service life.

8. High-precision screw punching knife in tissue paper manufacturing machine, three-knife low noise, adjustable hole spacing, and clear and beautiful drilling.

9 Three layers synchronization conveying unwinder, pneumatic paper, pneumatic double wide belt paper feeding, each layer of base paper has the tension adjusting device.

10. The tissue paper manufacture machine uses the point switch to pull the base paper, the paper guiding operation is simpler and the safety is higher.

11. The embossing unit of the tissue manufacturing machine adopts point-to-point embossing to make the pattern more clear and three-dimensional, greatly improving the aesthetics of the product.

Production steps from raw paper to finished product

Production Process

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter



Jumbo Roll Widthmm


Base Paper Outer Diameter

1100mmPlease specify other sizes

Jumbo Roll Core Diameter

76.2mmPlease specify other sizes

Finished Roll Diametermm

Φ60-120mm Please specify other sizes

Finished Roll Coremm

Φ20-50mmPlease specify other sizes

Control System

PLC control

Processing Capacity

180 M/Minute

Peroration Pitchmm

90-180mmPlease specify other sizes

Paper Unwind Stand

1-3layerPlease specify the number of layers







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