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Paper Napkin Machine

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 Lontto ordinary paper napkin machine is one type of paper napkin making machine,it is small in size and is very suitable for individual investors. It is a high-performance napkin machine with low cost and full functionality. The ordinary napkin machine can produce napkins of various specifications and shapes. Contact us today, Let us send you best price now.

At present, consumers are more and more seeking for personalization and diversification. Color printing napkin machine is a very good choice to meet this trend. If you want to start a napkin processing project, please contact us for the lowest price

Lontto high-speed paper napkin machine is a kind of napkin machine with high automation, good processing quality, high production efficiency, less land occupation, small energy consumption, less investment and quick return. JX-A high-speed paper napkin machine is ideal production equipment for paper product factory and urban and rural families to make money as a small-scale project. Contact us for the best price now.

Lontto high-speed paper napkin machine is a napkin machine with frequency conversion and speed regulation function. It can adjust the output according to the sales situation of napkin. When the sales volume is good, it can increase the production speed, increase the output. When the sales volume is poor, it can slow down the production speed, reduce the output to relieve the capital pressure and inventory pressure. Contact us for your machines price now.

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paper napkin machine
paper napkin printing machine
paper napkin printing machine


Paper Napkin Machine

The paper napkin machine is also called paper napkin making machine or paper napkin manufacturing machine,is a machine for embossing, printing, automatically folding, electronically counting, and cutting into a square and rectangular napkin.

The paper napkin machine adopts electronic counting jump to ensure the accuracy of the number of sheets and is easy to pack.

 The embossing roller in the napkin manufacturing machine adopts a heating and temperature regulating device, which makes the embossing effect clear and stereotyped.

 The paper napkin machine can be configured according to different needs 1/4, 1/6, 1/ 8 folding and other specifications.

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Paper Napkin Machine


1. Automatic counting, sub-column, convenient packaging
2. Fast production, low noise
3. The napkin machine price is small, the income is fast
4. The folding device is positioned accurately and the forming dimensions are uniform.
5. Can be manufactured according to user requirements for a variety of different specifications of the product model
6. The napkin folding machine can increase synchronous conveying, automatic paper feeding function and automatic paper breaking function, higher safety type, faster production speed and higher output (customized)
7. Steel on the wool roller embossing, the pattern is clearly clear (The paper napkin making machine can also be customized according to user needs steel to steel embossing roller, graphics can also add fonts or logo according to customer needs)

High efficiency: The paper napkin machine is automatically folds and cuts the count, 700 pieces per minute.
High performance: Folding wheel wrap-around automatic stop protection device to avoid unnecessary waste.
Embossing stick: The equipment comes with an embossing stick, which can be customized according to customer’s needs, such as flowers or animals. The embossed pattern is exquisite and clear.
High output: Breaking the slow paper output of the traditional paper napkin machine,Greatly increased production.

Technical parameter

Finished Size180mm*180mm-460mm*460mm
Paper Size≤Φ1300mm
Original Core inner Diameter75mm Standard(Other Size are available)
Embossed bottom rollerCots,wool roller,Steel to Steel
Counting SystemElectronic Counting
Heated rod220V
Optional items(need to order)Automatic paper leading,Synchronous conveying and printing
Use of PowerFrequency control,Electromagnetic speed regulation


Final Product

Production Process


1. Pack according to the shape, weight, transportation distance and transportation mode of the product.
2. Large machines will be split and distributed.
3. Each part of the export machinery adopts standard export wood packaging, waterproof membrane, straw rope, carton, etc. to ensure the integrity of the product and greatly reduce the risk of damage and omission during the transportation.
4. All movable parts are fixed with a plastic film.
5. Wrap the machine with polystyrene foam board to prevent the impact of the product
6. Wrap a few turns with a tensioned plastic film.
7. Secure the machine to the fumigated plywood with wire.
8. Wrap the machine with wood and nail it


napkin making machine shipping
1.The departure port under normal circumstances is Qingdao Port. It can also depart from other ports according to your needs. 2. Delivery time depends on the machine or machine parts you need, and will meet your time requirements within a reasonable plan.


Pre-sales service:

  • 1.24 hours customer service online, phone, email will reply as soon as possible
  • 2. We can provide you with detailed project feasibility report, detailed general plan, detailed process design, detailed factory layout, until meet your requirements;
  • 3 .Welcome to visit the factory, we will provide on-site explanation of the tour and the machine;
  • 4. We will answer all your questions within 24 hours;
  • 6. We will send you a variety of high quality paper samples produced by our paper machine for free;
  • 7. We are able to provide turnkey engineering services.

Purchasing services:

  • 1. We will accompany you to check all the equipment we manufacture and help you plan your installation;
  • 2. We will provide paper machine assembly drawing, foundation and foundation load diagrams, drive diagrams, official installation drawings, usage and installation instructions, and complete technical data after signing the contract.

After sales service:

  • 1. We will deliver the machine as soon as possible within 20 days according to your request;
  • 2. We will provide you with an installation and maintenance manual, as well as installation video and remote technical consultation. If necessary, we will send engineers to install the test machine on site and train your staff.
  • 3. After the machine is running normally, we will provide you with a one-year warranty period;
  • 4. After one year, we can guide and help you maintain the machine, all parts are available
  • 6. We will send you spare parts at a lower price.
  • 7. We will introduce you to the local raw paper supplier to solve your raw material problems.

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