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Paper Core Mmaking Machine

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Paper Core Making Machine

The paper core machine is a fully automatic machine for producing paper cores. It operates smoothly, has fast speed, precise dimensions, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Handkerchief Paper Manufacturing Machine

Lontto Handkerchief paper manufacturing machine has sturdy materials, advanced technology and absolutely competitive price to build a machine with excellent performance and durability for customers.

Pocket Tissue Making Machine

Pocket Tissue Making Machine

The pocket tissue machine produced by Lontto machinery is a machine for producing pocket tissues through fine embossing, color printing, and folding (folding first vertically, then horizontally). This newly designed machine uses new technology. It adopts vacuum suction folding system to make production fast and efficient. It can be equipped with a color printing device to make pocket paper with a beautiful appearance. For the client, it is the best option to start his pocket tissue business.

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We have many types of handkerchief paper making machine for sale
Multi-blade paper tube machine


Paper Core Making Machine

Paper core machine, also known as paper core cutting machine and paper tube making machine, is a product developed by our company using international advanced technology. It has advanced design, intelligent construction, complete functions, excellent quality, convenient operation and high efficiency.

Our company produces many different styles of paper core machines including paper core slitting machines, paper core polishing machines, paper core curling machines and label sticking machines to meet various needs.

If you want to buy toilet paper machines or other types of tissue equipment please contact us. We are your reliable Chinese supplier.

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Paper Core Making Machine
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Paper Core Making Machine
Paper Core Making Machine
Paper Core Making Machine

Product Description

The Paper Core Making Machine is a piece of equipment designed to manufacture paper cores efficiently, accurately, and reliably. It is equipped with advanced features that enable it to produce high-quality paper tubes ideal for use in various industries, including textiles, film, packaging, and printing. 

The Paper Core Making Machine is user-friendly, with a simple interface and easily adjustable settings, allowing for customization of tube dimensions, thickness, and length. It is constructed with durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance, low maintenance, and minimal downtime. Additionally, the Paper Core Making Machine is designed with safety features that protect operators from potential accidents, making it a safe and reliable option for paper tube production.

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